Liapades is situated in the west coast of Corfu Island (approx. 18 Km from town) at the northern end of an area called The Marmaro Hills. The village of Liapades is built on a small hill with unique views to the green landscapes and mountains of the greenest island in Greece. The architecture of the buildings is traditional Greek with a lot of small shops and cafes in the heart of Liapades giving you a warm feeling.


Just beyond the village of Liapades is the bay where you can swim and enjoy the crystal waters of the Ionian sea. Except the common activities(water sports, motor boats, canoes and diving) there are boat excursions to nearby beaches including the famous Paleokastritsa with the beautiful caves.

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At the central square of Liapades village there are cafe/bars and taverns where you can enjoy traditional drinks, food and experience the Greek way of life. Everybody is very helpful and friendly doing their best to make you feel warm and comfortable. Also at the square lies the beautiful church of St Anastasias which has been fully restored to its original state. It is one of the 6 churches in total and is definitely worth to visiting.


The village is a great escape for nature lovers and to the ones who like to walk and explore. There are many places to visit by foot through picturesque and ancient donkey paths. Some of the paths lead to small lonely beaches where most visitors arrive by boat. One of the best paths to follow is the one which passes over high ridge above Kanakades and stretch on down the southern eastern side to Gianades, Marmaro and Kanakades traditional non tourist villages. The walkers have a lot of options which will satisfy the most demanding ones.